Quality wigs and hair pieces are never noticed for what they are because

they look and feel so totally and absolutely natural.

MND has partnered up with the best manufacture's in the industry to make sure that the custom wigs, toppers, and hair replacement systems we create for our clients are of the very finest quality.

Alopecia and Chemotherapy Wigs for Permanent and Temporary Hair Loss

MND takes great pride in our beautiful custom human hair wigs. When you are looking for the ultimate in comfort and style there is really nothing like a high quality human hair wig.

If you suffer from hair loss and hair thinning, whether it be caused by Alopecia, medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments, thyroid issues, or other medical conditions such as Trichotillomania, we offer beautiful 100% natural human hair wigs that are light weight, easy to maintain, wonderful to wear, and simply stunning!

Due to the level of care and precision taken in every wig we supply, our wigs have a much more natural appearance with a seamless look with natural movement. 

We know that many of our clients have come to us for wigs because they are suffering from varying degrees of hair loss. Therefore we offer wigs that are especially designed for women with little or no hair, with a base that is designed in such a way so as not to irritate a sensitive scalp and can be utilized what is easiest for you - be it permanent or easy on and off. 

100% Natural Human Hair Wigs

MND prides themselves with only working with the best manufactures. The owners of MND take their time to meet with each manufactures and work specifically with the top three in the industry. MND is very honored and proud to announce they now work with THE BEST manufacturer for 'untouched virgin hair' which doesn’t undergo any chemical processing or colorization. The result is hair that is softer and lighter with a more natural color depth. The hair itself also has more strength than processed hair, resulting in a longer lasting wig.

At MND, we know the emotional stress of losing your hair and the real impact it can have on you emotionally, physically and in your day-to-day life. This is why we offer only the finest 100% human hair quality in a professional, confidential and caring atmosphere. Please contact us today to arrange a private confidential wig consultation.

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