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It is said that the

'Glory of a Woman'

is in her hair

and likewise

the Confidence

of a Man! 

Welcome to MND, where we understand the profound significance of hair as a personal attribute. Enhancing, replacing, or adjusting it can significantly alter a person's entire look and perception of themselves. Witnessing the genuine emotional reactions of our clients after our work completes never fails to move us.


So stop in and consult with us. There will be no pressure and we can advise you of the options available for your personal situation or condition.


Our clientele is growing, and perhaps afterward, you may choose to be part of it. 

NEW FEATURE: Right now, come along with us as we journey through our hair restoration process with you. You will not be disappointed with the results!

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Please click on the Picture above to "Start your Journey with Us"

"Its not just a business for us, we really do care"

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Ready-to-Wear and Custom Hair Systems


Ready-to-Wear and Custom Hair Systems

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Hair Extensions - Wigs


Hair Extensions - Wigs

We understand the impact of hair loss, and that's why we specialize in hair restoration. As one of the leading local hair restoration businesses in the Randolph N.J. area, we credit our reputation to this mindset and apply it to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients, whom we consider part of our business family."


MND Hair Enhancement operates as a specialized private studio that caters its services to individuals experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or other hair-related concerns, while also accommodating those in pursuit of longer, fuller, and healthier hair.


At MND, we specialize in providing tailored solutions for various hair loss conditions such as alopecia, thinning hair, premature baldness, and trichotillomania.

In our enhancement studio, we are dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective, personalized hair treatments and replacements.


MND also keeps up with the latest hair technologies and applications to provide clients with cutting-edge cosmetology advancements and techniques.


With our extensive selection of non-surgical hair enhancement solutions and options, we are confident that we have the perfect application for you and your individual hair needs.

Take a "ride through our website" to discover more about our services or reach out to us directly for a complimentary and personalized consultation!

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