MND hair Enhancement is a private studio that caters to people with hair loss, hair thinning or anyone who is looking for longer, fuller hair to feel better about themselves every day.

Whether you are losing your hair, suffering from alopecia, thinning hair, premature baldness, or trichotillomania, at MND we have a solution for you!

At our enhancement studio, we pride ourselves on providing you with affordable hair care and custom hair treatments. With our wide range of non-surgical hair enhancement options we are confident we have the right solution for you and your needs.

Some of our most popular services:

Concealed HairLine (CHL)

Clinical Strength Laser Therapy





Concealed Point Extensions


Treat Hair Loss with Capillus Laser Therapy

FDA-Cleared & Proven to Regrow Hair

No Adverse Side-Effects

Industry Leading Quality (ISO 13485)

Great Value

At MND we are passionate about helping you feel your very best by understanding your expectations and explaining your choices. Whether you want to stop your hair loss or instantly gain back confidence by utilizing one of our hair enhancement options, we have a solution for you!


We understand the importance of lifestyle and belief when it comes to personal beauty care. MND Hair Enhancement is pleased to offer entirely kosher alternatives to many hair pieces, including wigs and extensions.

MND Hair Enhancement is proud to provide New Jersey with the finest kosher wigs in the city! Made from 100% pure, untreated virgin hair, our kosher wigs are rabbinically certified, and in complete compliance with all halachic guidelines. But kosher wigs aren’t just for our Jewish friends! They are amongst our most high quality wigs and would look great on anyone!

Offering one of the few kosher hair care services in the New Jersey area, we are eager to help you improve your hair in keeping with your faith. If you want non-surgical kosher New Jersey hair replacement, come to MND Hair Enhancement first!


Hair-loss is always troubling, but we can help. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions offer a full range of helpful options to help you look and feel your best! Whether you suffer from alopecia, premature baldness or even trichotillomania, we are glad to help.

We understand the importance of confidentiality and luxury at MND Hair Enhancement, and as such we offer a wide selection of hair replacement services New Jersey women can appreciate. Extensions, wigs and other methods can be used to restore lost hair or extend existing hair. Our hair replacement services for women are second to none, and we take pride in our customers' comfort and well-being. And our unique Concealed Point Method hair enhancement can provide you with the best hair you’ve ever had! If you need non-surgical New Jersey hair replacement, don't hesitate to come to MND Hair Enhancement!